Universal Ideas provides a full range of facilitation services for your BDAL programs, including initial assessment of the organizationí»s business challenge, detailed program proposal of timetable and outputs, and varying logistics constraints of all parties concerned.

An initial assessment helps to formulate the business challenge to be explored and ensure sponsorship and a confidence level from senior leadership within the organization.

A detailed program proposal including timetable and outputs is designed to facilitate the varying logistics constraints of all parties concerned.

Speakers/Lecturers/Facilitators: We exceed clientsí» expectations by deploying world-class lecturers and thought leaders, experienced in the nuances of facilitating executive development programs. Speakers are always best of class and reflect the socio-political scene of the content in which they deliver content.

Company Visits and Networking Events: From giant state-owned conglomerates, Fortune 500 multinational companies to small start-ups, we schedule participants to benchmark and discuss the lessons learned and success stories of the local environment.

Venues and Logistics: We select the venue according to the principal of providing the best learning experience for our participants. We are detail oriented to the extreme.

Cultural activities and Site-seeing: We take care of travel arrangements; pre and post program tours, networking activities during the program, and complete logistics management.

Facilitation of the process of Business Driven Action Learning is essential for maximizing learning and action. BDAL participants need the energizing oil of facilitation in order to be able to function in the most effective manner and with the greatest power.