In Business Driven Action Learning programs, a coach is

The action learning process on the surface appears fairly simple, but in truth is extremely powerful.

The real power in a team is determining what is not known, not showing off what is known. The action learning coach is the catalyst that causes this transformation to occur.

  • the synergizer
  • the glue that bonds group members together
  • the yeast that enhances and expands participantsí» ability to learn
  • the catalyst that optimizes the power as well as the enjoyment of learning
The primary role and focus of UIí»s BDAL coach is to facilitate the groupí»s ability to grow and learn so that it, in turn, can better solve the business challenge. The focus and objective of our BDAL coach always remain on the learning, which provides the leverage for continuously improving BDAL group performance.

BDAL takes coaching ability to a group level. UIí»s BDAL coach helps the group to

  • establish a rapport
  • expand self-awareness
  • establish goals
  • feedback
  • renewal and growth
UIí»s BDAL coach will
  • Not only establish the rapport with the group members but also builds the rapport between group members
  • Rather than setting goals for the group, the coach will lead the group to being able to set their own goals
  • Give feedback that takes the group to deeper level of learning
  • In place of a focus on 'what' has transpired, the coach will take the group to understanding the 'how' and 'why' of their actions
  • By focusing the group on learning rather than just solving a problem, the coach takes the group to extraordinary levels of renewal and growth