Who is doing BDAL globally?

Business Driven Action Learning is a prime management-development and problem-solving tool for numerous corporations and public agencies in western cultures and the former British colonies. It has helped achieve amazing accomplishments in Western cultures and Western-headquartered corporations.
Action Learning has been implemented with growing frequency and success in the Western cultures of the world, including US, UK, Australia, Canada, and parts of northern Europe. The inherent power of Action learning to change organization and people is beginning to gain awareness in the remaining 90 percent of the world.

Example of Executive Development Programs based on BDAL

Dow Chemical LDN (Leadership Development Network)
Dupont LFG (Leadership for Growth)
Johnson & Johnson LeAD (Accelerating Enterprise Leadership)
Motorola SEP (Senior Executive Program)
Scancem PMC (Program for Management Candidates)
Siemens BIP (Business Impact Projects)
Volkswagen GMD (Group Management Development)
IBM The Global Executive Development Program
Philips The Octagon Program