We help to articulate and/or formulate the business challenge along with senior leadership or your company Action Learning project champion.

We help to recommend and coordinate tools and processes which influence the executive development of your next generation leadership.

Universal Ideas has been facilitating ¡®Business Driven Action Learning¡¯ Programs as an outsourced consultant to senior executives, corporate HR Departments and ¡®action learning¡¯ focused organizations since 2003.

Partner with UI to add an out-of-the box perspective to solving your business challenges. Benefit from our continuity and networking in China to ensure your ¡®Business Driven Action Learning¡¯ intervention is a success.

Universal Ideas is unique in its BDAL services in China, in the sense that no other organization based in China has the experience of participating in Action Learning projects at the level of UI, at this senior executive level and at this renowned level of companies. UI has had experience at every stage of BDAL with various projects. UI is very strong in BDAL experience, exposure and references.

Special appreciation and acknowledgement to Dr. Yury Boshyk and Global Executive Learning for sharing their expertise and partnering with Universal Ideas in the field of Business Driven Action Learning.