Benefits & ROI of BDAL


• Double the business in Latin America by 2010
• 30% or more growth in Asia
• Create a $1 billion service/solutions-based business for the company
• Overcoming regulatory barriers to global growth
• Identify alliance partners & acquisitions
• Develop a global strategy for the ¡­ division of the company
  • Offers an intelligent and creative way to act and learn at the same time, which is essential in a rapidly changing working environment
  • Helps to solve complex, urgent problems
  • Develops skilled leaders/teams
  • Helps to identify and give recognition to high potentials in the organization
  • Helps to transform corporate culture
  • Creates learning organizations
  • Produces tangible outcomes as a return on investment
  • Increases interaction among different parts of the organization

Comments from current BDAL practitioners
Johnson & Johnson:
'Business driven action learning has significantly enhanced Johnson & Johnson¡¯s leadership development and has assisted us in improving our business by exploring new and exciting business opportunities. For over three years now, in all parts of the world, and with the participation of our customers and key stakeholders, the use of business driven action learning in our executive development programs has been instrumental in rekindling a sense of purpose, as well as commitment and passion in our credo values¡ªwith outstanding business results.'

- William C. Weldon, Worldwide Chairman, Pharmaceuticals Group, Member of the Executive Committee, Johnson & Johnson now Chairman and CEO

DOW Chemical Company:
'In today's fast paced highly competitive business world, knowledgeable leaders at every level is our only true competitive advantage. We've found that hands-on action learning is the best way to align and motivate an organization to leverage that knowledge for competitive advantage.'

- Washington S Larry Washington, vice president EH&S, Human Resources and Public Affairs, Dow Chemical Company

"Philips Electronics has been highly committed to using action learning, with applications in Corporate-level issue assignments, Business Unit strategy assignments, development projects, and particularly in the major turnaround operation of the early nineties. We have benefited substantially from the great many business improvements and from the broad management development achieved".

- Frits Schuitema, Managing Director, Royal Philips Electronics, Belgiu

'The speed at which a corporation can learn and employ new knowledge is a decisive factor in competition. It is not enough to learn and to work. Learning and working must be integrated. Only then can a corporation be a learning organization. Action Learning addresses this challenge very efficiently.'

- Professor Peter Pribilla, Head of Corporate Human Resources, Member of the Corporate Executive Committee, Siemens AG

"Action Oriented Learning combines new learning techniques with actual business assignments, involving teamwork to come up with state of art solutions for improving internal business processes. It closes the gap between theory and practice and transforms business operations¡­ (Action Oriented Learning) has already brought in visible improvements and has demonstrated success in the global business transformation exercise at Daimler Benz."

Wolfgang Braun ¨C DaimlerChrysler

Real cases where companies have applied the principles of BDAL with demonstrable benefit:

General Electric--new business opportunities:

  • Financial services--India
  • Creation of revenue growth model for the company
  • Major sourcing initiatives in Mexico & Europe
  • 1.2 billion USD in business opportunities from one program
  • E-business initiative launched¡­
Dow Chemicals ¨C employee engagement and involvement
Dow is one of the largest chemical companies in the world, has 115 manufacturing sites and is based in 37 countries. Dow Chemicals established the concept of the Leadership Development Network (LDN) consisting of about 3000 people. This provided the infrastructure for a number of action learning programmes. Over the period of a year data from the Dow Global employee Opinion survey showed - a 15% improvement in employee understanding of company direction; 10% improvement in employee¡¯s ability to see a clear link between their work and company objectives and 9% improvement in employees belief that Dow kept employees informed on developments. Employees that had participated in the LDN had a three time higher buy in to corporate strategy over those that had not participated.

Siemens - Global approach to action learning
Siemens a global company with over 420,000 employees in 190 countries initiated an action learning programme with the objective of improving and sustaining entrepreneurship at all levels of management. Topics for action learning assignments were suggested and then voted upon by the participants and included areas such as cost cutting, sales growth, process re-engineering, product development and productivity improvement. Over 1500 action-learning projects have been implemented and 60% have met target. There is high buy in a support for the programmes that have made a significant impact on bottom line through the new strategies and plans that they have created.