Ira Lawrence Cohen ¸ß°¬Àñ
B.A., M.A., P.D., MBA, PhD (2016)
Certified Executive Coach
Certified Action Learning Coach/Facilitator

Ira Cohen, President of Universal Ideas Consultants, leads a management consultancy firm specializing in marketing, market research, as well as coordination of executive development initiatives from seminars to comprehensive management of EMBA programs. His firm is widely recognized for the past 20 years as the publisher of the ¡°Training Services in China Directory¡±, a procurement tool distributed on an annual basis throughout greater China to 15,000 HR Managers and buyers of education and training initiatives. His primary role is to ensure his clients internalize the message: ¡®Learning has to be greater than the rate of change¡¯ as a mantra to solving corporate business challenges. Areas of key expertise include: action-learning program coordination and facilitation, executive and leadership development, executive coaching, training and development project management.

Ira is the recipient of the CCH ¡®Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to HR in China and Hong Kong¡±; and also received the World Institute for Action Learning ¡®2013 Global Research Excellence Award¡¯.


Ira Cohen first came to China in 1985 as a young university professor at Jiangxi Normal University. This overseas appointment was followed by curriculum development and management responsibilities for International Business Management programs within the Community College system, and next served as the coordinator of a bilateral government project strengthening the institutional capacity of a number of China¡¯s colleges and universities through the facilitation of workshops and conferences.

From 1997 to 2014, he represented Rutgers University and later University of Maryland as their in-China Executive MBA Program Director. His career accomplishments solidify recognition as a veteran thought leader in the fields of entrepreneurism, education, training, trade development, proven administrator and decision-maker in most facets of operating within a Chinese business environment, and deemed a respected practitioner of ¡®Business Driven Action Learning¡¯. As a former Governor and Member of the Board of the Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce-China (2012-2016), Ira also commands a viable understanding of U.S.-China commercial relations and a demonstrated bridge between western and Asian business practices.

Given his historic and professional perspective from living in the PRC for the past 30 years, Ira has been sought out as a guest speaker on numerous occasions for both domestic and international audiences. Prior to coming to China, Cohen lived and held entrepreneurial and sales oriented positions in the UK, Canada and the US. In 2004, he became the first North American to be trained in China and receive a Chinese issued helicopter private pilot¡¯s license recognized worldwide.