SAVERY-U.S.A. is a unique company, offering a wide variety of food processing and packaging equipment with very attractive cost factors. Their expansive product line utilizes the latest European and United States design, engineering and technology that provides the user with efficient machinery and / or equipment that is very economical to operate and is affordable to purchase.

SAVERY-U.S.A. manufactures their expansive product line of quality machinery and equipment in nineteen manufacturing facilities around the world. This enables them to provide quality equipment at affordable cost factors.

SAVERY-U.S.A. prides itself on being able to provide individual machines, complete product lines or a complete plant, meeting the special / unique requirements of each client. In addition to merely supplying machinery and / or equipment Savery-U.S.A. offers technical assistance in designing a product line or complete plant. SAVERY-U.S.A. also offers installation, start up and training services.

SAVERY-U.S.A.'s rampant growth is based on supplying quality machinery and equipment with personalized full services and the most affordable cost factors available today. They have met the requirements of clients in Africa, Asia, Europe and Middle East. They are now ready, willing and able to meet all of the requirements of clients in the Americas.