Russian and East European Partnerships, Inc. (REEP) is one of the largest providers of language immersion training to the U.S. Government and has proven expertise in all areas of language instruction and cultural immersion. UI has been REEPí»s exclusive partner in China for the past fifteen years, coordinating and organizing Chinese language immersion programs for hundreds of visiting U.S. personnel. UI has processed more than five hundred trainees on four to six week intensive Chinese learning assignments. This fifteen-year relationship has leveraged UIí»s goodwill, especially with the U.S. Embassy and officials from the Department of Defense; as well as Chinaí»s largest employee services corporation whose training department has partnered with UI to deliver language instruction, cultural and logistic services on behalf of our firm. UIí»s bridge between, U.S. and Chinese government and non-government organization (NGO's) players in the field of training underscores the credibility of our firmí»s integrity and sustainability in providing contractual services to overseas clients on an above satisfactory level.

In order to maintain the highest possible quality of instruction UI require all instructors to adhere to the pedagogical framework provided in these curriculum guidelines.

Our language training courses, usually lasting for 4-6 weeks, primarily focus on providing clients with an intensive immersion experience in the target language and culture. The main goal of the language training is to help students improve their ability to speak, listen, read and write in the target language in order to fulfill their employment requirements. Our clients measure language ability of students mainly using the Defense Language Proficiency Test (DLPT), which is administered by the U.S. Government prior to and upon completion of the language training session. Improvement on the DLPT scores, demonstrated as a result of the course, is an essential element of a successful learning outcome for the student.