The ‘Training Services in China Directory’ is an annual publication, which lists the most reputable training programs and operators in China’s training sector. It is recognized as the most efficient resource in China for comparing and selecting training interventions.

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Business Driven Action Learning (BDAL) is a form of learning by doing. BDAL is recognized as the most effective system that internally solves an organizational challenge and develops your next generation leadership, a process that guarantees results-oriented decision-making.

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Transformation Management prepare the organizations with a mindset or awareness to sustain their continuous growth. This is not just a new skill set or strategy, and more like a process with openness and stakeholder oriented, inspiring results and innovation.

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About Universal Ideas (UI)
For more than 30 years, UI’s leadership has provided consulting services covering education and training issues relevant to the needs of the People’s Republic of China. Through working with numerous Fortune 500 companies and top universities, UI has developed an unmatched level of knowledge management and core competencies.

The following milestones illustrates UI’s long and esteemed history in the education and training sector.

UI Milestones
2018 – UI-GEL Network - Finnair Ley partner for Action Learning programme in Shanghai and Hangzhou.
2017 – UI-PIVOT-AusPost partner facilitating Action Learning immersions in Beijing,Shanghai and Shenzhen.
2016 – UI-AMP partner facilitating Business Driven Action Learning in HongKong
2016 – UI-SABIC partner facilitating Action Learning Immersion in Shanghai.
2015 – UI-PIVOT partner facilitating Business Driven Action Learning (BDAL)
2013 – World Institute of Action Learning (WIAL) Research Excellence Award
2012 – UI elected as President of the China Association of Training & Development Specialists
2011 – UI contracted to coordinate University of Maryland Leadership EMBA Beijing Program
2009 – UI selected as promoter and marketing partner for the Disney Institute programs in China
2007 – Appointed to In-China Advisory Board of Special Olympics World Games in Shanghai
2005 – UI partner with Global Learning Network(GLN) to coordinate Shanghai Action Learning Global Forum with hosts GE & Dupont China.